FOPER Course Module


The Forest Policy and Economics Education and Research (FOPER) project will run from September 2004 until August 2008 and is funded by Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.

FOPER aims at strengthening the capacity of modern forest policy and economics education, training and research in the Western Balkans region. Under the framework of this project, an international MSc. course and a continuous professional development programme for professionals working in the area of forestry policy and economics will be implemented.

In addition, policy-relevant forest research will be supported and promoted, and mechanisms for linking science and policy will be established.

The United Nations University is responsible for developing online educational resources designed to integrate with the other components of the FOPER project: the international MSc. Programme and the Professional Training Programme.

Project Partners

The FOPER project is coordinated by the European Forest Institute, Finland. The course module was co-developed by the University of Joensuu (Finland) and the United Nations University, Japan. The Silva network is an international partner and the regional partners for FOPER include:

Tirana Agricultural University of Tirana, Faculty of Forest Sciences
Forest and Pasture Research Institute

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Sarajevo University of Sarajevo,
Faculty of Forestry
Banja Luka University of Banja Luka,
Faculty of Forestry

Zagreb University of Zagreb,
Faculty of Forestry
Jastrebarsko Forest Research Institute, Jastrebarsko

Former Yugoslavia Republic of Macedonia
St. Kiril University "St. Kiril i Metodij", Faculty of Forestry

Belgrade University of Belgrade,
Faculty of Forestry
Belgrade Institute of Forestry Institute of Forestry, Belgrade


Original Authors

Olli Saastamoinen, University of Joensuu
Jukka Matero, University of Joensuu

Learning Resource Production

Brendan Barrett, UNU Academic Programme Officer
Luis Patron, UNU Project Coordinator, Education Media Producer
Sean Wood, UNU Creative Director
David Jimenez, UNU Interactive Media Designer
Koji Toukubo, UNU Systems Engineering, Technical Support
Barbara Komorowski, Instructional Designer
Oleg Butuzov, Programmer and CSS Template Design
David Schaufele, Narration
Taeko Okada, UNU Administration

Special thanks to the team at EFI and to Tomi Tuomasjukka and Mari Pitkanen in particular. Thanks also to Lars Gunnar Marklund of the FAO for quickly supplying the requested maps.

Last but not least, a big thank you to Libor Jansky in the UNU Environment and Sustainable Development Programme for his valuable support and guidance.