Essay Assignments


Below please find possible essay topics based on this course. These are optional and, at present, there is no feedback. However, the topics are indicative of the types of essay questions that could be included in the entrance examinations for the FOPER Masters degree programme.

I) Describe the concept of the multiple-use of forests: definition, contents and organization.

II) Describe the special features of forests as a natural resource.

III) Compare the forest rent approach and the Faustmann's model in determining optimal rotation for an even-aged forest stand.

IV) Compare capitalized income method and replacement cost method as alternative forest appraisal principles.

V) Evaluate qualitative and quantitative goals and targets for national forest policy.

VI) Describe the role of forest legislation in forest policy.

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  1. Nirmal Says:
    Great work done but some more topics must have been covered like public projects, advanced forest finance, econometrics of lumber and timber markets etc. Thankyou

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