Save a Tree


We hope that this online learning experience will prove to be both valuable and rewarding for you.

Self-study requires a different approach towards learning unlike the ordinary lecture material that is normally received in a face-to-face learning environment.

Here, you are sitting in front of your screen, learning with your mouse clicking away. We encourage you to stretch or stand up every 45 minutes to give your eyes a break and keep your mind fresh. Learn at your own pace - this is exactly what the course is designed for. You can always come back for more.

Remember that this experience is designed to be navigated online. With all the knowledge you will gain about forestry (like deforestation in section FOR4) you may feel compelled to only print out the areas that you will use as a reference, hence reducing your use of paper and saving a tree. We encourage you to take notes at your desk throughout the course so you can follow up on those areas that have really piqued your interest.

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  1. Audu Ali Says:
    i hope improve myself as a forester be the knowledge acquired on line from this site.

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